Thursday, November 11, 2010

I Just LOVE Her!

This is my sister, Nicole! There are many reasons why I love Nicole today though, she gave me a smile when I so desperately needed it. I wasn't having a great day at work, I was almost in tears in fact. Everyone was in a bad mood guests and co-workers. Tips were TERRIBLE! I just felt like nothing could go right. Close to the end of my shift I snuck to the back to check my phone to see if I was even a little bit popular....I had a picture message that looked like this:

The text read: Did you know you look at me while I'm working..... Well ya do!

I automatically teared up (Ok I'm a little sensitive lately so mock me if you must) and thought if nothing goes right in the day who cares because I have family and friends that love me and remind me of that with the funniest and nicest little things in life. So Nicole, thanks for reminding me. I love you!

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