Wednesday, March 24, 2010

My Bad....

So it's been a while...and I'd like to say I've had a very good excuse except....I don't.
So in the past few weeks I've had a few hobbies and a few big events.

Hobby....numero uno always. I think I have a severe I'm dieting with the gym to see if I can really keep up with the big boys!

Hobby Number Seven (so I skipped a few number I want to keep you on your toes...) Snowboarding...I've been a few dates with a few different guys snowboarding I went for the first time since...well he who shall not be named proposed...I have been having a blast doing it though. This last time I needed a few days with some IMPORTANT VIP's so I headed to Boise to see Bretton and Tyrrell and spent a day boarding and just relaxing it was very nice!!!!

Work isn't really a hobby BUT it's a that has kept me busy and I've thoroughly enjoyed waiting on people hand and foot...not..jk sorta....

I also have enjoyed playing with my roommates!!!! Kristyn just got engaged and is getting married June 5th so that's super exciting and will be time consuming in this house. Shea and I have been playing a lot...not doing anything imparticular but we did roadtrip to Boise together...:)
Shea and I leaving boise....
Shea was waving bye to Boise

Church has taken some time too! I have enthralled myself in scriptures and talks lately especially if I'm having a hard day so that's been an amazing blessing! So all of you who are examples or people I confide in I appreciate the love and support in that area of my life. :)
So ANYWAY more pictures of life will come I'm in a no makeup phase right not many pictures are taken....BUT you will get tons of RoadTrip pictures from me in a few weeks because I'm taking a much needed trip to Washington April 9th- whenever Daniel and I figure out I should come back :) So Never?? JK Love you all!!!!