Wednesday, October 14, 2009

All this new stuff going on has really made me miss Washington! I miss my friends and fun! I miss the rain it makes me so happy when it rains. I miss the family around me...not just blood but my ward family. Ferndale Second Ward! I miss NORMAL people aka non utahns!
I WANT MORE THAN ANYTHING TO COME BACK! I hate how ugly it is here! I hate people here. I have three good friends here and that's about it. I just want to go home.
It's sorta like when kids are sick and they say "I want my mom" it's like that Washington is my mom. I have friends, loved ones, and happiness there. I'm coming home! Not yet but soon!
So lets all pray that I can come home by next august and everything goes as planned cause I'm outta here!!!
The End

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Oh growing into a woman SUCKS!

So I've been on this kick to try to manage my time better. I've wanted to lose weight so I've been going to the gym...trying to eat better. I have school, work, and the gym. A little play time here and there. So in the last month this has been my life...
I have new roommates :) I live in a townhome with a girl I work with who I spend most of my playtime with! Super kids together....Kristyn:) is her name and when we're together gigglings the game. Another roomie is Annie she lives upstairs super smart fun girl! And Shea lives downstais with me :). She's sooo fun and we get along great! I love my roommates they are soooo fun!
So I'm only taking two classes....but they are two classes in a subject I hate the most! Dreaded think i'm being dramatic but I DESPISE ENGLISH! Oh well just a few more months and well it's only two classes that are now out of the way right?
Thanks to seeing myself in a rear mirror I've realized I have the worst saddlebags in the world...they are attatched it's not the jeans! I started a cleanse last week went to the gym everyday ate healthy...and man I am awkward. Just a few more weeks and I'll get back. On a plus side I have found a new favorite food! I love love love Yogurt Delights...Caramel, Chocolate Raspberry, and Lemon mixed with Granola! THEY ARE AMAZING. I have the worst sweet tooth and it curbs it. Try it!
I don't have much free time I don't talk to anyone because it seems like I am always running around. I'm constantly tired but my mind doesn't stop running. EEk! But I am having a lot of fun I feel sorta successful with life right now.
Well due to tears in the family right now...I am spending halloween, thanksgiving, and christmas ALONE! I've spent the first two alone before but this will be my first christmas on my own. But have no fear friends...I'm going to buy myself gifts here and there and wrapping them putting them under a tree and I will have myself a great christmas. Plus I'll spend the whole day at the movie theater woo hoo!!! So this is a small catch up on fall so far for me. Thank you all for reading love you miss you! Sorry lately I've been invisible.