Sunday, May 17, 2009

"Oh, The Places You'll Go!!

Well I thought I would do a list of all the things I have yet to experience that I need to. :) My goal is to have most of these done by the end of summer. They are nothing big most of them are travel but maybe if I do a list then I'll have more of an urge to get it done.

These are in no specific order:

(x) Hike the Y (I just experienced that for the first time this past Friday with Mickelle. We both have Friday mornings off so it's going to be our Friday afternoon date days. HA

( ) Visit Kip, Kimberly, Willem, and Carter in Tennessee (which Kipton if you're reading this instead of July I'm thinking August)

( ) Visit Kassy in New Jersey and see NYC and Washington D.C.

( ) Go to The Fray Concert!

( ) See California for the first time and see Michelle and hopefully a few other friends I have in Cali :)

( ) Go to Moab and see southern Utah canyons (this is a for sure cause the trip is planned!)

( ) Lose 15 lbs. (I know most of you are rolling your eyes but it's really not about the weight it's more about me feeling good. I went to extremes last year and got super stick thin after the divorce in an unhealthy way and my goal is to be back to that weight in a healthy way :) )

( ) See Owl's games. Mickelle says they are a must but I've never been so why not?

( ) This is a long shot but I would like to go to Mexico....hmm

( ) Go home to Washington and see friends and family (especially Laura, Donna & Rayme, and the David &Bonnie)

So that's the excitement I'm looking forward to this summer while still being an adult hopefully. I am trying to not let work eat my life. So if any of you have requests that are plausible let me know. Or if any of you are close to any of these places let me know and I will do my best to make time to visit. Love you all!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Clean Break

So in the past month tons of things have changed! Well I didn't stay living in my old apartment as i had thought. Our ditz of a brain landlord signed the lease to someone else even though Michelle and I had both emailed her telling her I would like to sign a new lease for Michelle's old room. Anyway so I had a week and a half to find a place to live. A young couple I work with got a basement apartment that was too big for them and offered for me to rent a room from them it seemed like an answer to a prayer even though i didn't stop to think about it really. A few days before I needed to be out plans fell through...I was so anxious! Then as Heavenly Father has always done for me he sends me family ties where ever I am. Josh and Sarah a married couple that i'm such good friends with (Josh reminds me a lot of Kip and has been a great Priesthood holder example to me) told me that they could see my stress and that they would love if I moved in with them for a few months to get on my feet. They have a basement apartment and it's Josh's grandparents so they have a good deal. They have been so kind and loving and I can't imagine what I would do if they weren't here.

Josh and Sarah!

Sarah and Me at a Bonfire!

Sarah and I are close and good friends she's so great. I would like to talk a little about a new bestfriend I have. Though the I love having friends and "bestfriend" is a term that I have given a few people in my life. Mickelle White Taylor is my best friend and kindred. We relate on every level. She's a great example to me, always there to listen, giving, loving, intuitive....and the list goes on! Her husband and herself have also been very kind to me. I'm so grateful for the new experiences I have had down in Provo. I have so many fun things planned this summer....and it's funny cause two months ago I would feel terrible being the only single person with my two sets of friends who are both married couples. I never feel awkward though and it's always a fun time! I will keep you all updated on things a little better. I have some fun things planned this summer so yippee!

Mickelle and I Ice Skating

Shawn and Mickelle

(They are the cutest couple)

P.S. I have started working out again.....Sarah and I are playing racquetball and thanks to Mickelle and Shawn I have a new sport to obsess over. Mickelle is also my workout buddy I figure I get double workouts so we'll see how I am looking the end of June when I take a trip to Moab with the two couples! :)