Thursday, April 16, 2009


Ok so when you live in a college town and you aren't around blood relatives for the Holidays you take the closest thing you have and luckily I have the greatest sister in the world to spend time with here in Provo....for now at least. So Michelle celebrated her last weekend in Provo by enjoying Easter with me. YAY

We decided to be festive and dress in spring colors....we're so cute!

I was ready to go so what were we waiting for?????

We went everywhere looking for Cadbury creme eggs because I LOVE them for Easter and we couldn't find them anywhere! We found Orange flavored ones...not what I wanted! Michelle found her favorites...stupid head! J.K.

Michelle suggested we go to the regular candy aisle and maybe they would have something close to it....first of all there is nothing as great....second of all there was nothing!

Then like a shiny star on the darkest of nights it was there on a shelf...they weren't regular sized but I would settle for the package of mini ones I found just because they were the LAST package. I was so excited I could not contain my excitement!

So when we got home we had to enjoy our findings while we waited for the eggs to boil. P.S. I taught Michelle how to boil eggs...she was amazed at how hard it is! HA

Our dishwasher was running and started we sopped that up with our towels
We took pictures because we were bored...yeah if you know us it's normal....


So we started making a mess as you can was dying our counter too...
Michelle started pulling paper towels out..I scolded her for how much she grabbed then I realized this is long enough for jump rope with....So I tried....and FAILED
Michelle with her bling bling ways got metallic decor for the eggs...well i couldn't seem to do it right and kept gluing my hand to the metallic paper rather than gluing it to the egg...I never claimed to be brilliant.
Our friend Mike came over and helped dye eggs so these are the finished creative.
So that is how I celebrated Easter 2009. Michelle better be happy I updated this blog!

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Count Your Many Blessings

Well I thought I should start a blog. So the past year I've been divorced...and gone through a super rocky road. Heavenly Father i can gladly say was right there by my side. Sometimes the hardest things in life are the biggest blessings.

I've experienced so many new things this past year. I've moved to Provo a college town, started a new job, and found new friends. I've lived with roommates one of which I grew up with and another girl Rochelle who is my kindred spirit! My life has had so many blessings since the move to the new job. I bonfire, hike, run, and play on a regular basis with the funnest friends. I have found a new love for Utah. I don't know that Utah is the place I want to be forever but it's good for now. I have found my testimony again and how I thirst to feel Heavenly Father in my life. Thank you to all those who are an amazing example to me in my past and present. I have started to grow so much in these short months and am finding I like the young woman I'm becoming. So cheers to growing up.....well lets be honest I'm still a kid at heart.

(Bonfire with Friends)

I miss washington terribly and am planning to visit on regular occasions. Everyone in my life is growing up.

(Obviously Michelle and I are still Kids)

Michelle is moving to LA which gives me one more thing to do this summer that I haven't (go to California). :) I now have two adorable nephews, one of which I have not met yet, so that's on the checklist too. So school.....I have just been thinking why go back I change my mind everyday on what I want to do. But I've narrowed it down to one...I love adrenaline and I love Paramedics here I come. Maybe that's why I love firemen so comes so close to the same thing. So I will finish next year at SLCC and transfer to UVU to finish up. YAY back to school it's like being a kid again. :) Well I just figured I would give a down low on my life the past few months. Enjoy the pictures of my life!

For those of you who know the family you know all these are my siblings. This was Christmas for those of us who got together...I didn't post DeNae cause I know I would be chastized for the posting the photos I have. lol. I love my family sooooooooo much and they are amazing and all of us bring something to the table. I know I won't have ten kids but I'm grateful for the 9 siblings I do have and for the Chapin and Walker families who also allowed me to become a part of their amazing lives. :)